10 Good Practices For Project Management

For something to go well, you need to have good planning. Whether it is planning our wedding, developing a new website or getting work done for a client, it is necessary to employ project management techniques that help us achieve success . Due to its importance, it is necessary to dedicate a part of our time to know the best practices in project management, thus guaranteeing us not to fail in our project.

Helps reduce the number of errors

– It contributes to guaranteeing better results by optimizing the resources we have available to the maximum.

 Improve the image of project management

 Benefits project participants

 Combined with the choice of the appropriate project management methodology , they are an infallible weapon that guarantees success.

Good practices for project management

In this infographic that we have shared with you, you can see a decalogue with the best practices when managing projects. Among these points we can highlight:

– Communication with all parts of the project : From the beginning of a new project, it is necessary to communicate the objectives and goals of all the people who will work on the project.

– Project kick-off meeting : It consists of including all those who are going to participate in the project. What is sought is that expectations are managed in advance. To avoid problems, it is best to have them controlled as soon as possible.

– Detailed work plan: Formalizing the project work plan is essential to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

– Document everything : It is very important that after each step taken, it remains documented to be able to go to it with any questions that may arise.

– Closing meeting : After the end of the project, it is good practice to meet the whole team to comment and evaluate the work carried out and in this way to be able to improve those points in which it faltered.

You know, if you want to achieve success with your work, nothing like carrying out these good practices for project management.